DJ Kid Clay

Kid Clay is a Chicago based DJ who has spun around the country. A exhilarating versatile talent, Clay has learned that being just good isn't good enough. Putting in numerous hours a day, Kid Clay understands that you can never stop learning when it comes to your craft. From consistently practicing new blends, organizing music files, and studying the greats, it's no wonder his escalation in the music world has been a flight that seems to have no limit in altitude. Favoring music in its general sense, Kid Clay understands that music is a gift and must be used to make people enjoy themselves and add a dose of happiness to someones strenuous life. Kid Clay grew up loving music and started collecting his catalog of music at an early age. His appreciation for all genres of music has allowed him to work not only with some of the premier night clubs, but with various corporate companies as well. While gaining the attention of some of the most reputable music talents in the industry

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